İnsanlık ve KSS için Yeni Bir Olanak: Crowdsourcing

Serdar Tunçer

Serdar Tunçer is a Ph.D. candidate at Istanbul University in communications, who is focusing his thesis on “Crisis Communication and Power of the Storytelling.” Serdar has recently moved to Ottawa from Istanbul to continue his academic career. He has an MBA in Marketing from Beykent University in Istanbul, with the thesis “Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Project Management Through New Media Opportunities.” Besides his academic background, Serdar is also communication and marketing professional with over 10 years of working with international clients as a consultant. He has extensive experience providing one-to-one consultancy to C-level management, including crisis management covering both private and non-profit sectors. During his recent position as a Senior Director of Media Relations at Burson-Marsteller International in Istanbul, Serdar led his team to create “Turkey’s Aspiration Map & Entrepreneurial DNA” study for Intel. This study was the first of its kind survey conducted across Turkey to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. The study was a success and it even has its own TEDx Istanbul presentation. The success of the study and its communications also garnered Intel a couple of international awards. For additional information about me:

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